Christar Productions Concert & Seminar

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Sunday evening 15th March 2020

@Golders Green
07826 349380


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PLEASE CLICK the link below Register your details and VIEW the photos from 27.10.2018.
(Photograph: J Photograph)

31 locations across UK in 2018 October

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Sat 27th Oct 2018

The music and performance during the day should be done to make people feel warm, good, happy, smile, inspired, motivated and encouraged

Head of Christar Productions Concert & Seminar – Mr Sean Kwon

Finance officer – Mrs Youngsun Suh MBA

Audio-Video Manager – Dr Ryan Kim PhD
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AV officer – Mr Timothy Benjamin

Team of Volunteers
Mr Daniel, Oxfam volunteers, Mrs Jung, CreativeLounge, etc.

Oxfam Oxjam New Malden Music Festival Sat 27th Oct 2018

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Application Deadline
is 23:59 on Sunday 14th Oct 2018
LINE UP Final confirmation/decision between Monday 15th – Friday 19th Oct 2018
Final rehearsal busking
on Saturday 13th Oct 2018 12pm – 3pm at Oxfam New Malden

====== Oxfam New Malden Oxjam Local Music Festival 2018 LINE UP 2018 10 ========

Signature artist Mr Y Yang
Yuanfan Yang.png

[KpopdanceKatalyst][Dianne Smith][IrishFolkviolin] [               ][                 ][13yearsold Nathan]

[Dianne Smith][Jasmin GOLD Jones][CelebrationNations London team][KoreantraditionalBora Kim][KpopdanceParadox][KpopdanceKatalyst][13yearsold Nathan]

Donations Sponsors

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Frequently Asked Questions for audience

  • How do I get the wristband?

    In order to get the Free wristband audience will make a donation into the Oxjam Green bucket or Buy something at Oxfam Store New Malden
    Free Entry at the door upon register of your details and donate to Oxjam
    Entry Donation is a must!!! 🙂 (not compulsory though… you don’t have to donate but it will be really really good…)

    This is because 250 people is the maximum capacity in the venue
    and we give first 250 people free goody bag with sweets and other participating business offers and discounts

  • How do I support local artists?

    And fundraising competition after the artists performance will happen continuously~ and most raised artist will win Oxfam Oxjam New Malden Music Festival Local Artist of the Year 2018

    – a signed T shirt and music video opportunity with Christar Productions UK

Frequently Asked Questions for artists

  •  When will I hear back?

    If your application is successful, you will hear from the local team in a few weeks. Due to the number of applications we receive, and depending on the city, this process may take longer. If you don’t hear from us, your application has been unsuccessful this time, but please resubmit when you have new material!

  •  How do you select who plays?

    We work hard to curate each lineup. All the music is listened to by our diverse and knowledgeable team of reviewers, ensuring that there is no bias. This helps us find the best new music possible!

  •  What kind of setup will I need?

    Our shows are stripped-back. While this does not necessarily mean “unplugged”, a setup should consider that you’re likely to be performing in someone’s living room. Where possible, we would recommend having unamplified vocals, acoustic instruments, and a minimal backline. If you have any questions, discuss with your city team’s artist liaison.

  •  Do I need to bring an audience?

    Yes please. Bring as many friends as you would like!!! 🙂 Let’s worship our Lord Yeshua/Jesus together.

  •  Can I tell people I’m playing?

    Yes please share the link everywher especially on your social media, instagram, facebook, youtube, tiktok, twitter, etc. etc.