My Story

Hi, everyone, welcome to our website. My name is Jianbi, a co-founder.

I was born in a Christian family back in China, during my journey with God, I continually hear calling from God. Since I started my Youtube Channel in 2017, God blessed me with over 10K subs in less than 1 year! But when I looked at the subscribers, God told me these are souls not only subscribers, I need to pray for them. I felt I need to spread gospel over the social media more, so I started pray to God to provide me people have the same vision.

After I met Sean last year, we come together about the same vision about building a platform for Christians, because nowadays many false teaching, cults, etc using our HOLY BIBLE. We hope the platform could help some independent Christian creators could be discovered and let their any works could help other people.

Please join us, because we have Jesus as our leader!