1st job interviews

29th July 2018

Thanks to God sent helper/adviser co-founder Jianbi Chen, we had our first ever interviews for the part time positions for the Christar Productions TV department today.

How remarkable and amazing is our God.
He is using us to produce the contents that He wants the people to watch.
Stories to be told.
I slowly realised why God chose TV department to be used by Him within Christar Productions. I think the impact of its contents to the handheld smartphones to everyone around the World is just too powerful for Him to reach out to us.

Whether i sin, not sin, whether i lose hope and disappointed/distracted, not by my wisdom and skills but because He is righteous and because He made the promise, He will keep the promise.

I am just a sinful man… All i can do is spend my such a small fraction of time during the 24 hours while i am at least somewhat Holy and sane, to be used for His purposes and for His people. Who am I to say that I am chosen by God… He is just. He is just.

I am so sorry Lord… I am just grateful.

Let me give at least this small bread and fish that I have, which seem meaningless and worthless but I give at least this as I know that you are my father and will not turn me away… that I know.

INJC I pray Amen…

Fri 20th July 2018

Title [God will make a way in His time]

“Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time” 1 Peter 5:6 KJV

It is really amazing how God bless and punishes according to His promises and covenants mentioned in the Bible Word of God.

Today, I have bought Premium subscription at WordPress.com and Gmail suite so now Christar Productions has its official website address and email inbox!!!
Hallelujah!!! All Glory to our God. :-).

Last night at my church Gethsemane Prayer Service, sermon was about how Benjamin tribe started as a small but ended up large in number. It was by taking small actions continuously. Not just talking. Fighting men. Fighting men. Fighting men. Not talking men.

Here we go.
Christar Productions.
I bless this organisation and brand in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, to be a great tool for the Kingdom of God.


Kind Regards,


Sean Kwon

Thurday 19th April 2018

On Monday, I watched Les Miserables with mum.
God taught me few things watching and experiencing this musical theatre.
Jean Valjean.

I thought I was a good Christian. Believer. Anointed by God to do His works. But my character was nearer to the police officer Javert and to all other characters on their who called themselves as Christians. Heart warming moments were when the Father Priest gave the silverware for free when Jean Valjean was caught after stealing them. True love of Christ is not in telling people about Christ alone but really living and acting through with it.

I am not righteous. I thought i was righteous doing this Christar Ministries. I thought I was righteous telling people as God told me tell people that back in 2012 that Koreas will be starting to become united in three years time. (2015 Kim started to shake his government by killing his own uncle). But on Monday I realised as Holy Spirit taught me that I am like Javert…

I truly truly want to lay myself as Jesus our Lord did for us for the others but it is not easy. I want to help homeless people but I don’t like to go near them as they smell. I want to help lonely people but I don’t want to become lonely myself as well by befriending with them. I want to help lonely and old people as i was raised by my grandparents but i do not like to even touch them…

Who am I to say and condemn others…

I just hope and pray that through me… through Christar ministries some people may become like Jean Valjean as Father Priest character did during the musical. If it costs £10,000 worth of silverware or event £100,000 for one soul to truly come back to Jesus Christ, like Jean Valjean turned himself from his old-self into completely new Monsieur Madeleine (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_Valjean); may be I have something to say when I meet Him face to face up there, He may say to me…

Matthew 25:21 New International Version (NIV)
21 “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’

I pray whoever you are reading my letter today, will go out there and live for Christ. Just today. One day more. :-). For truly for Christ. With love. Not self-righteousness. :-). INJC Amen.

Kind Regards,

Sean Kwon
Christar Ministries

10th April 2018

Dear Visitor

Putting all the faith and trust in God Almighty being our Father for all the humanity,
can be a cliche and easily spoken out Truth for many.
However, recently truly living out the statement, I was in fear but the feeling when God intervened and manifested in my life, it was truly amazing. :-).
On Monday yesterday when I had no money I trusted that God will provide will somehow through people, I learned that God waits as a father waits for a child to ask for a birthday present or a meal when hungry, as I put my trust in Him and asked Him to give me something, He immediately did. Hallelujah.

Today I have received Bible Society e-newsletter. Bible Society shows some figures,
Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 10.36.14
1983 -> 2016
67%       41%
31%       53%

that people still regard themselves as Christians, acknowledging the Creator rather than believing in the Evolution theory.

I always wondered the consensus and stats as I usually felt that mainstream media and education system are showing evolution-based biased contents mostly so I though we were in minority but it is such a good news in that respect.

There are so many souls in our World who need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ before they die still, it is our responsibility.

Christar will be a brand and ethos where people around the World who put their trust in our Lord Jesus Christ that He is good and just good. :-).

INJC Amen.

Kind Regards,

Sean Kwon
Christar Ministries

Monday 5th March 2018

Dear Sir or Madam


Since the death of Billy Graham, our God is raising His people around the World.

Major change in generation and leadership in the body of Christ.

I thank God that He chose me to form His brand Christar.

Thank you Lord.

He sent me team members out of nowhere.
I did pray for few weeks now. :-).
From places where I never expected anticipated. Hallelujah.
We finished our first interview with this evangelist.
I did not even know he was coming.
Thank you Jianbi.
Also found out Jianbi is 4th generation believer.
Respect. :-).
I pray for more Holy Sprit filled brothers and sisters to come to join forces at Christar.
I also pray in the name of Jesus Christ, that many can work full time basis with good salary package to produce Holy Spirit contents for the people for both body of Christ and the lost souls. Music, Musical, Books, Film, TV, Seminar, Concert, Game, etc.

Donald Trump and Michael Pence. Love it. Hallelujah.
No bull shit.
No political correctness.
Gospel is good news.
One way.
There is no Truth A Truth B.
There is just the Truth. Otherwise it is not Truth? :-D. Lol.
They were strategic.
Let’s be strategic ourselves as well.

North Korea and South Korea, well… Republic Korea is the country and Northern part is currently being occupied by rebel forces under Kim’s Kingdom/regime in the name of Revolution/Communism,,, the cries from the body of Christ in North Korea have been reached the ears of our God and he says enough is enough. I feel sorry for Jungun Kim that he has been given enough opportunities and time from Him to repent and turn from his ways… I don’t blame him. I would have been even worse if i was born in a family like that with power, money, influence, everything on the Earth.

Christar TV is being used by God as the beginning of His ministry at Christar Productions UK Ltd.

Who would have though that Pastor Paul Song was being covered by major media companies in UK. Just like Australia’s Frank Jenner (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Jenner), I think God wants Pastor Paul Song’s story to be broadcasted to the World.

Please don’t get me wrong… I am not righteous. I am lazy and greedy person. I can’t live a day without his word and strong protection.
I am only a vessel. Please don’t shoot the messenger. :-).

This letter i write will be the evidence for later on.

His name is His reputation.


You are awesome God. Creator of whole universe and everything. :-).


Kind Regards,


Sean Kwon
Christar TV
Christar Productions UK Ltd