Preparing towards the United Shalom Concert 2020 3 15

11pm 11th Feb 2020


Whoever you are, thank you for reading this.
God bless you for your family, studies, business, work, etc.

Tonight is 11th Feb 2020, Tuesday night, in the middle of preparing for this concert that was given to me by Holy Spirit last year. He gave me a word, “UNITED”, during a sermon from a local church. Since then I built up the idea of a concert to unite the gentile Christians and Messianic Jewish believers in London, UK.

It is funny how things turn out to be. I think it is spiritual battle, when finally breakthroughs are coming and happening, people who you trusted and loved show disappointments. May be it is me as I cannot tolerate it.

Regardless of my situation, God’s Will be done on 15th March 2020, as a small contribution and possibly a spark to kick start a oven in London and UK, to preapare the way of the Lord Yeshua/Jesus again.

Just as Joseph was betrayed by his siblings but at the end it was all God’s plan and may be His compensation for the wrongdoings of the siblings, at the end, all the Israelites were saved from the draught and famine,

Amen. I believe.

For you my friend who is reading this, I bless you in the name of Jesus,
It does not matter what you feel right now.
Learn to forgive. As we disappoint our Lord every day, every hour, every minute and every second. Let’s forgive. We can’t forgive using our strength. Let’s pray to God to give us grace to forgive others. Amen.

Kind Regards,

Sean Kwon 
Co Founder
Christar Productions UK


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