pre-2nd year anniversary Christar Productions UK Limited letter


It was 7th July 2017 when
I was convicted by the Holy Spirit to set a company called Christar Productions on the 7th day of the 7th month of the 17th year of the year of 2000…

I did not know what was coming in the future but i just thought may be it means something… may be i heard His voice correctly… fingers crossed…

In Sept/October 2017 i was invited by Jianbi for this Youtube event… followed by number of Youtube videos produced by Christar Productions UK…

In Oct 2018 first CCM gospel music and good music concert was produced…

I am now convicted by the same Lord same Holy Spirit to move to King’s Cross (which i did in May 2019) to move into an office in King’s Cross as a mission hub where Christar Productions UK Limited will be producing contents in His name as a channel of God to say whatever He wants to tell the World… in this drunken intoxicated World… Maranatha…

About slightly less than 1 month later from today ,,, on 7th July 2019…
i sincerely look forward to awe…. before our Father in Heaven who said “Let there be Light” and created billions trillions of the stars which are more than the number of all the sand collected aggregate number of the desert beach and the seas put together on the Earth…

Our Father in Heaven, i wish i pray i want so that you let your will be done on the Earth as it is in Heaven. Amen. :-). Christar Productions UK Ltd is your company, your channels for your grace and your example that you show to the World that you love us and you really exist!!!

Kind Regards,


Sean Kwon
Christar Productions UK Ltd

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