Israel Praise&Worship 5 days

2018 09 12 Wedn

Hi Friend

I have just spent a week in Israel as my annual ritual at Israel :-).
There was a testimony since I have bought the plane ticket without telling my employer at work that I had a plan to go Israel.
Our God is such a faithful God. When we put His Kingdom and Righteousness before everything, ie. when He is our No. 1, everything else will be filled in for us.

What I have received there from God was that be like David. Don’t focus on people like King Saul, but really seek His Heart. And take time to spend time to hang out with Him. Like spending time with a good friend. :-).
God also made realise that why He chose me and called me to be a fisherman of men. :-D. Apparently people from Galilee, this is where I was for 5 days, they were simple people. When Jesus invited Peter and James to follow him while they were fishing, they just dropped the fishing net and followed Him immediately. Isn’t this a bit odd? Apparently, the people in Galilee have reputation of being simple, uneducated, thoughtless, non-calculative, etc. And guess what!? I am like that!!! :-D.

Following Jesus Christ Yeshua the Saviour God incarnated down on the Earth, is my number one priority. And sharing this love and invitation for salvation, freedom and peace, is my number one priority while I live. :-).

Hope you have a lovely day and I pray for your journey to find the Truth and your journey with Jesus in your life.

Many blessings,

Sean Kwon

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