1st job interviews

29th July 2018

Thanks to God sent helper/adviser co-founder Jianbi Chen, we had our first ever interviews for the part time positions for the Christar Productions TV department today.

How remarkable and amazing is our God.
He is using us to produce the contents that He wants the people to watch.
Stories to be told.
I slowly realised why God chose TV department to be used by Him within Christar Productions. I think the impact of its contents to the handheld smartphones to everyone around the World is just too powerful for Him to reach out to us.

Whether i sin, not sin, whether i lose hope and disappointed/distracted, not by my wisdom and skills but because He is righteous and because He made the promise, He will keep the promise.

I am just a sinful man… All i can do is spend my such a small fraction of time during the 24 hours while i am at least somewhat Holy and sane, to be used for His purposes and for His people. Who am I to say that I am chosen by God… He is just. He is just.

I am so sorry Lord… I am just grateful.

Let me give at least this small bread and fish that I have, which seem meaningless and worthless but I give at least this as I know that you are my father and will not turn me away… that I know.

INJC I pray Amen…

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