10th April 2018

Dear Visitor

Putting all the faith and trust in God Almighty being our Father for all the humanity,
can be a cliche and easily spoken out Truth for many.
However, recently truly living out the statement, I was in fear but the feeling when God intervened and manifested in my life, it was truly amazing. :-).
On Monday yesterday when I had no money I trusted that God will provide will somehow through people, I learned that God waits as a father waits for a child to ask for a birthday present or a meal when hungry, as I put my trust in Him and asked Him to give me something, He immediately did. Hallelujah.

Today I have received Bible Society e-newsletter. Bible Society shows some figures,
Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 10.36.14
1983 -> 2016
67%       41%
31%       53%

that people still regard themselves as Christians, acknowledging the Creator rather than believing in the Evolution theory.

I always wondered the consensus and stats as I usually felt that mainstream media and education system are showing evolution-based biased contents mostly so I though we were in minority but it is such a good news in that respect.

There are so many souls in our World who need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ before they die still, it is our responsibility.

Christar will be a brand and ethos where people around the World who put their trust in our Lord Jesus Christ that He is good and just good. :-).

INJC Amen.

Kind Regards,

Sean Kwon
Christar Ministries

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