6th Feb 2018

Dear Visitor


God is moving in his time according to his plan.

Human history is in fact literally His Story.

I have been praying for a team and God sent me few now.

I attended a prayer meeting yesterday and there we read Acts 2:1 – 47.

Just like the early days of the church/ecclesia, I have learned now how not to go forward unless receiving Holy Spirit and his directions first. 2:42 I will continue in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers. :-).

I worry for the slowly decreasing amount of money that Lord has given me last week. I am praying for the opportunities and problems that I can solve in order to earn money. These projects and deals that I am working on and this part-time hourly pay job are all from God so I will do my best. Slowly but I will keep on walking in faith in Christ our Lord. As this is my first real step in faith so I pray that God will hold me close. I know he is almighty and is with me alongside but why am I so fearful… I feel like St Peter when he briefly walked on water with Jesus/Yeshua. T_T…

All glory to the living God, our God Father, the Creator of everything and our Saviour Jesus/Yeshua Christ I pray Amen.

Thank you for visiting Christar website.

Kind Regards,

Sean Kwon

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