First letter 20171212

Thursday 12th Dec 2017

Dear Sir or Madam


Inspired by the Holy Spirit to start a mission-driven company on 7th July 2017,
Christar will endeavour to make people feel good, happy and inspired/motivated in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Yeshua. Therefore, we will be able to let the name and the Gospel/Good news of Jesus Christ be known to those people (as many people as possible), starting from London, UK, Europe, Israel, Asia and to the rest of the World.

For more information and to follow about our endeavors you can follow our Facebook page and Youtube channel:-

(Christar Productions Youtube TV channel will be launched in January 2018.


Thank you.

And Merry Christmas and Many blessings in the name of Jesus Christ for your New Year 2018.

Kind Regards,


Sean Kwon
Christar Productions UK Ltd
Founded on 7 July 2017
Incorporated 10th July 2017 – Company number 10857366

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